Monday, July 26, 2010

Job: Manager T&D,Lahore

Role: Manager T&D
Location: Lahore, Pakistan
Company: i2c Pakistan
Key Responsibilities

1.Primarily responsible for identifying and meeting organizational needs for training and development; the role involves close coordination with section leads, senior management and Director HR
2.Studies and keeps abreast with the organizational context to ensure that the Training1 function is aligned with the organizational context and business needs
3.Organizes and conducts training needs analysis (TNA) to assess the training needs of the organizational units and common organizational requirements and expectations; the scope of TNA may also include identification of common problems that are deemed addressable through training
4.Obtains development plans and/or other relevant data from the performance management system and reviews it as input to TNA and the overall planning process
5.Compiles and maintains TNA findings in a format that efficiently feeds Training and relevant HR processes, and ensures efficient retrieval of specific data as desired by section leads, managers and HR from time to time
6.Develops and maintains skills inventories, analyzes data and compiles reports that provide insight about the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and organizational units in terms of competencies
7.May also be required to assist managers in devising assessment instruments or processes to gauge competencies required to perform in certain roles or functional groups
8.Evaluates training alternatives and drives build-or-buy decisions to effectively fulfill training needs in a cost-effective manner
9.Develops rapport with quality training providers and maintains an updated repository of externally provided training opportunities
10.Evaluates external training programs, short-lists and recommends programs to relevant heads based on specific needs
11.Develops training plans in coordination with relevant section leads, senior management and Director HR
12.Identifies and selects trainers and subject matter experts within organizational units in consultation with relevant manager(s), evaluates their skills and works to further advance their skills as trainers and content developers
13.Develops, publishes and maintains training calendars
14.Designs or facilitates in designing internal training programs, employing processes and components suitable to the training context and participants, and aligned with the learning objectives
15.Develops training content or facilitates internal trainers, subject matter experts or other training resources in developing training content as per the requirements set forth in the training plan and/or program design
16.Works with both internal and external training providers to ensure that trainings are organized in a planned manner and facilitates in making arrangements that enhance training effectiveness
17.Delivers trainings and facilitates internal trainers in conducting trainings effectively
18.Obtains, maintains and reviews training feedback to gauge learning outcome and training effectiveness and strives to continuously improve organization wide effectiveness of both internal and external trainings
19.Establishes processes that ensure consistency, quality, efficient utilization of resources, and continuous enhancement of organization wide competencies
20.Strives to introduce training and development best practices and employs tools, processes and systems that boost the overall functioning of the training organization
21.Facilitates training resources employed in other functions in planning, organizing, delivering and administering trainings and ensuring compliance to Training processes
22.Manages organizational assets related to Training including:
  *People – training resources within HR
  *Material – training content, physical equipment etc.
  *Training records
  *Tools, systems and processes etc.
23.Submits periodic reports to Director HR that outline the overall performance of the Training function
Required Qualifications and Competencies
Education: A business degree, preferably in Human Resources
Experience: 7-8 years
1.Proven record of successfully delivering in a similar capacity
2.Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
3.Excellent documentation and writing skills
4.Organized, process orientation and methodical disposition
5.Excellent knowledge of T&D discipline and equipped with contemporary tools
6.Knowledge and hands on experience of some eLearning software or learning management system would be considered a plus
7.Passion to excel as a T&D specialist
8.Energetic and sociable personality
9.Good in basic computing and spreadsheet skills
10.Analytical mind with strong problem solving skills
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