Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lead Designer

We are looking for a Lead Designer to manage a small group of designers and developers towards a specific design vision. If you think you have what it takes apply!


  • Direct designers and work in partnership with Producers and studio leaders to drive creative design elements of various game titles.
  • Create and lead design documentation for key games
  • Balance game mechanics and economy of game
  • Work with Artists and UI Designers to craft elegant and intuitive visual design on game pages
  • Drive and creatively manage design on new studio IP
  • Enhance story of games with narrative elements through creative writing centered on story and character development
  • Work with Level Designers on building levels with games involving 3D missions


  • Avid gamer: interested in games across all genres and actively playing current titles to completion
  • Strong passion for designing social games
  • Understanding of spatial relationships in games and solid understanding of supporting mechanics, such as AI and gameplay
  • Team leader: able to lead design meetings and articulate game vision on a daily basis
  • Able to design within technical limitations and other constraints
  • 2+ years of experience as a video game designer, with a strong understanding of design tools, map editors and design techniques.
  • Accredited with the design of 5+ shipped titles
  • Self-starter; able to run with the responsibilities and drive them to timely completion
  • Effective at collaborating with other team members, designers, engineers and artists
  • Excellent organizational skills (goal setting, working towards milestones)
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