Monday, August 23, 2010

Semantic Web Specialist - SPARQL, RDF, Triplestores, XML - Semantic Web

Job Description:

While we have efficient access to relevant information through search engines, we do not have a way to determine the relevant people for any situation that we can engage to discuss the things we care about and make efficient decisions in real time; this is where you will come in.
We're looking for talented computer experts to help us refine the semantic analysis engine and implement additional text mining algorithms. We are seeking a highly qualified Technical Developer who will lead efforts to acquire and conduct Semantic Web research and development activities. The initial focus will be in helping Allainet build upon its leading technology and momentum in the development and standardization of infrastructure, tools and services for the Semantic Web, the next generation Internet. Successful candidates will direct the planning, development, and execution of new business development activities and short and long term marketing plans for Semantic Web research. Qualified candidates will also be expected to perform as technical leads on new business development efforts in the Semantic Web domain. Successful candidates will have a track record of working on advanced technologies, be goal oriented, and have a desire to mentor and develop junior level staff within the business unit.

Minimum Education:

BS or MS in Computer Science or related technical field.

Preferred Education:

  • PhD in Computer Science with direct emphasis on semantic and natural language systems and Entity Extraction Algorithms
  • Apache Hadoop or other similar systems (Cassandra, Big Data) using the Map Reduce processes
  • RDF stores for large-scale databases.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Analyze, evaluate, and create programs and web services in C#/PHP and related language(s) to support distributed, cluster-based indexing and replication of data included or referenced in a network of Resource Description Framework (RDF) databases
  • Provide programming support to enable and enhance automated and semi-automated searching, processing, and reasoning using the indexed data and metadata
  • Creation of a large scale Ontology
  • Keep up to date on new and emerging technological tools, standards, and methods in order to take advantage of them where feasible
  • Develop customized software solutions with a special emphasis on human computer interface, knowledge management, semantic search, and dissemination techniques that maximize efficiency and minimize cost
  • Develop or customize indexing and metadata schemas, ontology, and workflow procedures
  • Prepare technical specifications, progress reports, and white papers describing goals, methodology, and accomplishments to share with other development teams, project managers, technical advisory board members.

Desired Qualifications:

We need enthusiastic people who are able to communicate the concepts of the semantic web and the implications to other developers and stake holders. Ideally the candidate will have some experience of building applications on a large scale. We are looking for someone with:
  • Extensive experience with distributed software development
  • Data mining and predictive modeling skills
  • Strong OO knowledge
  • Comfortable with distributed development environments and tools
  • Experience with Search technologies – Autonomy IDOL/ FAST/ Verity / Lucene
  • Experience with mentoring software development resources.
  • Experience in technical architectures for search applications, including data
    structures and algorithms to support entity extraction, disambiguation, normalization
    and clustering.
  • Experience with non-relational NoSQL document oriented data stores
Understanding of Semantic Web nomenclature and related technologies

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