Thursday, August 19, 2010


1.       Manager - Well Test & Process Division
Will be responsible for management, development, operation and profitability of this division. Will also be concerned with all technical and commercial matters. Have over 15 years oil industry experience in both manufacture and operation
2.       Senior Process Engineer
Design & fabrication of pressure vessels and piping. Knowledge of design software (PV Elite, HYSYS & HTRI) is essential. 15 years experience.
3.       Process QC Inspector
To inspect pressure vessels and piping. 10 years experience in the process / pressure vessel manufacturing industry.
4.       Process Fabrication Supervisor
To co-ordinate fabrication of pressure vessels and piping including shell rolling, fit-up and welding. 10 years fabrication experience, 5 years in the process industry.
5.       Welding Engineer
Prepare, maintain & implement welding techniques & procedures, specifications, qualifications and consumable control. Knowledge of all processes. 10 years welding experience, 5 years as a lead welding engineer